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Glass Products for Walls & Partitions

We offer a variety of glass products that are ideal for creating durable, high-quality walls and partitions in commercial spaces. Whether you are renovating a current space or are constructing a commercial building from scratch, the glass experts from PFG can help you select the best glass products.

Glass enclosed office

Premium structural glass for walls and partitions.

At PFG Glass, we ensure that all of our glass products for walls and partitions are fabricated using SuperSpacer, as there is no equivalent spacer system that can outperform its thermal capabilities. We also use two state-of-the-art convection furnaces that are designed to meet and exceed all codes and expectations for glass walls and partitions.

Our selection of glass for walls and partitions includes specialty glass that is designed to minimize the amount of cleaning once the window has been installed, as well as other visual benefits. We also utilize Osprey to help lower the chances of distortion.


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