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Super Spacer® TriSeal™ Structural Silicone, Warm Edge Spacer System

Glass | 9 March 2023

At a recent architectural education event hosted by PFG, Quanex Commercial Sales Specialist Joe Erb presented on the advancement in warm edge spacer technology and the benefits of flexible silicone spacers like Super Spacer Triseal. Erb noted that “Silicone spacers have been in the market for over 30 years and have a proven track record with performance, sight line aesthetics, and longevity.”

Proven Long-Term Durability

According to Erb, Super Spacer TriSeal structural warm edge spacer system is silicone-based technology, so it is UV resistant and compatible with structural silicones. It is thermoset, which gives it the ability to maintain its shape which has a cushioning effect to dampen or soften edge stresses on insulating glass units. These are attributes that contribute to sustainable IG design. Super Spacer TriSeal also enables a captive PIB as the spacer has a third, pressure sensitive adhesive that helps keep the PIB in a contained pocket rather than just extruded onto the side of a spacer. When the unit goes through pumping and cycling, you are not only reducing the stresses on the edge seal, but you are also containing the primary seal which is your true moisture barrier. Super Spacer TriSeal’s integrated desiccant, which is integrated into throughout all four legs of the IG the entire spacer, adds to the longevity.

Structural Strength

Glass is getting bigger and bigger in the architectural world as sightlines have become a very critical point for architects and building owners. “You may think that rigid spacers won’t sag into the sightlines. In reality, on long spans, they can and typically do dip into the sightlines during manufacturing,” says Erb. “The manufacturing robotics of Super Spacer TriSeal at PFG Glass allows the spacer to be applied with extreme accuracy in short and long spans, all the way around the perimeter.”.

Less Handling Means Fewer Defects

“It’s an integrated spacer technology hence PFG’s automated approach,” says Erb. “Less hands touching the most critical steps. There is the engineered design of the product which is the componentry and the way that it works. Then there is how PFG actually assembles it into an IGU and the fact that they take those critical manufacturing steps with touch points like PIB application, desiccant filling, spacer bar handling, and they bring those online via robotics. TriSeal gives you the best in warm edge attributes plus all of the benefits from PFG’s automated manufacturing techniques.”

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