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We believe green buildings are the foundation of something bigger: helping people, and the communities and cities they reside in to thrive – safely and through sustainability.

View of Coastal Mountains from Langley

Fraser River wetlands, Langley

Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing

Our management and employees are committed to practising good environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) which includes:

  • Socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manufacturing

  • Emphasis on renewable energy and decarbonization

  • Culture of safety and diversity

PFG’s Commitment to Sustainability:

Water Treatment System

Water Treatment

PFG is using an advanced water treatment system that collects all of the wastewater from the fabrication process, removes the solids (particulates from glass, diamond wheels, resin wheels, cerium oxide, and any other debris). The chemical-free system filters all of the water from PFG’s edging, beveling, Forvet, and drilling equipment and collects the debris into a disposable cake. PFG is dedicated to environmentally responsible manufacturing and is proud to be a leader in glass fabrication water treatment.

Hegla ReMaster Remnant Handling Systems

Hegla ReMaster Remnant Handling Systems

Most glass industry fabricators dispose of glass cutoffs. PFG’s cutting lines incorporate two Hegla’s ReMaster remnant handling systems to store glass offcuts and reuse them efficiently; reducing waste, carbon, and valuable resources. On command from PFG’s Hegla cutting system, glass remnants are automatically delivered to the protective storage system, removed, and fed back onto the cutting table without any manual handling.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Good lighting is essential for high end glass fabricators, in particular for safety, quality control and productivity. We recognize that lighting is a major business energy cost and a great opportunity for savings. All of PFG’s lighting have been retrofitted with a purpose-designed, energy-efficient lighting system.


Optimization reduces waste by maximizing the yield of raw materials. Optimization reduces energy consumption by fabricating, tempering and laminating the most optimum batches possible.  PFG collaborates with customers to improve inefficient material yields and energy waste (i.e. small volume, tempered 19mm)

Our high performance glass products are manufactured closer to Vancouver than any other coated product available in BC. Our primary glass suppliers further reduce the embodied carbon of PFG’s products by optimizing shipping loads.


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