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Spandrel Glass Products

All of our spandrel glass products are available in limitless colour options and are fully tested to ensure that the products show no signs of bubbles, peeling, crazing, cracking, tunneling, shrinking, staining, discolouration, or delamination. Spandrel glass products are rendered near opaque through methods, such as back painting or laminate interlayers, and are suitable for use in non-vision areas.

OPACI-COAT-300® spandrel paint.

OPACI-COAT-300® is a water-based silicone paint that can be used to conceal structural and mechanical elements in a building, such as duct work and concrete subfloors. This type of spandrel paint can be colour matched to almost any colour imaginable and can be easily applied to certain types of tempered monolithic glass and tempered insulated glazing units. At PFG Glass, we apply OPACI paint using the spray method to reduce waste and improve setup times.

Spandrel Paint Application
Spandrel paint being applied with a sprayer

Some of the benefits of OPACI-COAT-300® products include:

  • Virtually unlimited opaque colour palette
  • Formulated for spandrel and wall cladding
  • Can be used in building facade and interiors
  • Created by trained and certified glass fabricators
  • Exact colour matching and batch consistency
  • Lead free and ultra-low VOC
  • Fallout resistance on fully tempered glass if applied at 1.3mm
  • Can be applied to any glass type (annealed to heat treated)
  • Does not weaken tempered or heat-strengthened glass

PFG stocks the most common OPACI-COAT-300® colours to save our customers time and money. The colours that we keep in stock are:

  • Primary white
  • Medium gray
  • Harmony gray
  • Warm gray
  • Black

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