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Glass Fabrication Services

PFG Glass offers glass fabrication services for glass that is 4mm-19mm thick and greater than 4″ in size. All of our glass is fabricated to meet the ASTM standards, using our selection of top-of-the-line fabrication equipment.

Glass fabrication equipment for producing high-end products.

In order to provide our customers with some of the best glass products available, we use a selection of top-of-the-line fabrication equipment, including:

Intermac 45.5

Intermac 45.5 is a helix integrated boring system that uses exclusive Intermac technology to exceed all of the limits of a traditional boring system, allowing for a single tool to do all the boring, grinding, and countersinking operations on glass sheets up to 19mm thick. Thanks to its 5-axis machining, this piece of fabrication equipment guarantees maximum reliability and accuracy for CNC milling (holes, notches, cutouts, etc.). Intermac 45.5 is capable of performing drilling, countersinking, milling, and polishing operations on 4mm-19mm thick glass.


Forvet is a Water Jet machine with diamond tools that is capable of drilling, countersinking, and milling operations on glass that is between 4mm-9mm thick. This completely automatic system controls the glass transport feed, drilling speed, and water quantity and adjusts the drill height to compensate for wear and tear without any manual intervention.

Lattuada Polishers

Lattuada polishers are electronic straight-line edging machines that offer variable angles from 0-45 degrees. All Lattuada polishers use liquid cerium to polish glass.

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