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An Introduction to Spandrel Glass

Glass | 11 May 2023

Spandrel glass provides architectural continuity and aesthetics with its harmonious design. Spandrel glass is uniform in appearance and allows for a sleek and seamless finish, perfect for contemporary architectural designs. By incorporating spandrel glass, architects can create structures that appear visually cohesive while still being highly functional. Additionally, the minimalistic nature of this type of glass creates an aesthetically pleasing look that is sure to help your architectural projects stand out from the competition. With its ability to provide both architectural continuity and aesthetics, spandrel glass offers an ideal solution for modern architectural design.

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Creating Harmony

Spandrel glass is an attractive architectural option for many different types of designs. Its uniform appearance allows architects to create stunning visual continuity, while its energy efficient benefits provide a practical solution for reducing operational costs and creating a more comfortable environment within buildings. With so many advantages, it’s no wonder why spandrel glass is becoming an increasingly popular architectural choice.  Whether you are looking to add architectural continuity and aesthetics or reduce your energy costs, spandrel glass is sure to help you achieve your goals.

At PFG Glass, we specialize in fabricating spandrel insulating glass units to the highest quality standards. As a trained and certified OPACI-COAT-300® Approved Factory Fabricator (AFF), PFG Glass can provide more design opportunities in spandrel than any other glass coating. Our service is second-to-none and our selection includes a wide range of standard colours. Our commitment to customer service ensures that you get exactly what you need for your project including exact colour matching and batch consistency.

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OPACI-COAT-300® Water Based Silicone Coating by ICD High Performance Coatings + Chemistries contains no lead, cadmium, heavy metals, or hazardous materials and is near-zero VOCs. OPACI-COAT-300® is fully cured on glass at our facility and no VOCs will be emitted in the building during installation or when installed.

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